The Revolution

Hi! My name is Nicole. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I help busy professionals get fit and stay fit. Life is easier when you are strong and have more energy (OMG! I don’t make the rules, STOP YELLING AT ME!). I’m an award-winning bodybuilder, and a certified trainer, but that isn’t what qualifies me to train you. The pursuit of higher education and experience does.

My client base has ranged from 19 years old to 73 years old, male and female, weight loss goals, strength goals, aesthetic goals, rehabbing injuries, and helping people cope with depression and PTSD. There is no one on this earth that doesn’t stand to benefit from exercise. Based on the common threads of what my clients have shared, knowledge of what exercises to do, and making sure we’re doing them correctly, is an important part of it, but knowing how to fuel our bodies, so that we can achieve our goals, is critical. Having someone on your team that’s going to keep you accountable and on-track in a loving but firm way…. Ooof, that’s a big plus.

The world has taught us we need to starve ourselves and be skinny. This is bullshit. It’s unsustainable, potentially dangerous, and just generally sucks. My mission on this earth is to repair the damaged relationship with food that misinformation, social media and learned behaviours from our parents have taught us and to help people be strong and confident.

Strong, so that whether it’s playing with your children and setting a healthy example for them, or doing yard work and carrying groceries, or improving your mental health and sleep patterns, you’re ready for whatever life might throw at you. My own cancer journey has made me acutely aware that we need to be ready for anything. If I hadn’t been strong, me still being here would be a big fat question mark. Getting aesthetic perks is just one hell of a side bonus.

While it all sounds damn good, it doesn’t happen overnight. There are thousands of “30-day shred” type programs out there but what I’m doing couldn’t be further from that. Change takes time, especially when we are deprogramming negative habits, which is why the minimum commitment is 6-months. The point is to make long-term, sustainable changes. People are inclined to try and rely on motivation. Motivation is fleeting. We need to build dedication and that happens through long term consistency and adherence. 

There’s zero pressure. That’s not how I roll. IF one of these options looks good to you, fill out the contact form and we’ll book an intake call to make sure we vibe, which is very important if we’re going to spend time together. I look forward to meeting you!

Level 3 CanFitPro Trainer

Submaximal Training for Maximum Performance

Pain to Performance: Appendicular training

Precision Nutrition – Level 1

Strength training

Hypertrophy training

Endurance training

Running analysis

A thirst for knowledge that can’t be quantified!